AWS faces challenge from rival Cloud services


Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle are growing quicker that AWS.

Oracle Cloud grew 54 per cent, Google Cloud grew 28 per cent and Azure grew 26 per cent in comparison to AWS’s 12 per cent growth.

AWS has not lost the belt yet, according to Synergy Research Group, as it still holds over 32 per cent of the market share.

Azure would look like the likely contender, as the generative AI it offers becomes more and more popular. Azure is also being adopted more, despite what the numbers of its rivals say.

That could all change, of course, as no one has a crystal ball, not even Oracle.

Microsoft and Google boasted a percentage point growth in their last quarters. The top three Cloud firms control just under three quarters of the global market.

$65B was spent on cloud infrastructure between April and June. $10B up on the same period in 2022.  

Those numbers may sound good but there is actually a decline in growth predicted.

There are a few reasons for this including China. Economic uncertainty in the west and a natural slowdown after the pandemic.

Of course, things could turn around if instability levels off and with markets in Asia growing, long-term growth could prove the naysayers wrong.

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