Data and Analytics projects stall due to lack of niche talent


According to Adastra, the majority of IT leaders believe that the data industry faces a talent shortage.

Around 75 per cent of the leaders expressed concern regarding the skills gap around Analytics and Data.

When that is contrasted with the 91 per cent of IT leaders who stated that they class Data as an important element of their organisation, it could spell major trouble for the future of important data projects.

US Labor stats predict that by 2026, there will be an increase of more than a quarter of jobs that require a data science skillset.

This is during a time when the meager number of STEM grads exiting universities is unable to keep up with the demand of the jobs market.

An older management class either is not aware of the problem or is not well-versed in technology enough to be able to overcome it.

This comes across in the 47 per cent of respondents who believed that they were keeping up with their competitors when it came to data and analytics.

There is a growing reliance on this workforce that does not yet exist, and it seems that nothing short of government intervention will head off trouble.

The more industries that adopt Data into their business models, the more the gap grows between demand and supply of the niche talent required to make up the teams running the projects.

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