Will generative AI tools lead to hiring boost?


According to an Upwork study surveying business leaders in the US, 64 per cent stated that they expected to hire more workers thanks to the anticipated economic boon surrounding Generative AI.

Fascinatingly, the C-Suite was represented as a larger percentage at 73 per cent, with senior managers a little more sceptical, with 53 per cent believing that their companies will go all-in on AI, thus dragging the average down to 64 per cent.

It is safe to assume that this is because CEOs and their ilk know less about generative AI, and how it can impact a business, than managers who work closer with it.

We can add to that the fact that the C-Suite will never have to worry about job security when it comes to AI, meaning that they feel more blasé about introducing it and haven’t considered all of the angles, which would explain why the number on their prediction is so high.

This is one of the things that is fuelling fear of the new technology.

When upper management are unaware of how this new technology can affect their workforce, it gives the impression that it doesn’t matter in the final analysis, and certainly feeds the idea that there are no safeguards being put in place.

Regardless, AI is coming and we can only speculate at this moment as to what impact it will have.

All we know is that currently, 59 per cent are currently using ChatGPT and similar tools. The majority of these are mid –sized organisations (62 per cent) in contrast to large organisations (41 per cent).

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