Lack of hireable data talent top concern for leaders


A talent drought is negatively affecting the UK’s recovery, as there are not enough skilled individuals around to be hired to fill those important roles and this after the 1.1M vacancies are taken into account.

According to a surveys from Eden McCallum and Dufrain, almost two thirds of business leaders surveyed felt that their greatest challenge was missing opportunities because they were unable to recruit digital experts in an agile way.

An interesting take-away from this survey is that whilst sceptical about the future for business as a whole, the leaders in the US and UK felt their own organisations were in rude health with 67 per cent answering positively.

While 92 per cent of the leaders felt that their data projects would represent good value, 60 per cent admitted that it was difficult to find the candidates to fill those roles.

A good percentage felt that competitors’ interest in the same pool of skilled individuals would disrupt their plans further.

By 2030, UK businesses could face an increase of at least another million.

The leaders expect a modest increase in data hiring over the next five years with 10 per cent expecting growth of between 26-50 per cent.

If, however, those long-term expectations are not met, it could cost US and UK businesses around $1.3TR in lost revenue over the next seven years.

Recruitment is always competitive.  

All that firms can do is make themselves as attractive as possible to prospective candidates, engage the services of specialism recruiters who know their niche inside-out and waste less time before making an offer.

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